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Blessings in the Face of a Storm

by Female, 67-yrs
(Vancouver, WA)

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in '99. I was treated with lumpectomy, removal of some underarm lymph nodes, followed with radiation. Some time around the 3rd year following treatment I found myself continuing to complain about pain in the underarm area. My oncologist suggested acupuncture. I felt very positive about this. Thus began my search for just the right acupuncturist.

First I needed to find out what, or if, my insurance would pay. I was told I would only be reimbursed if the treatments were done by a licensed physical therapist or medical doctor practicing acupuncture. These restrictions turned out to be a blessing in the long run.

I inquired in several different venues with no success. I finally called Southwest WA Med Ctr and was given the name of Peter Hanfileti, MD.

My husband and I made an appointment the next day. Thus began my acupuncture treatments.

Although the treatments were started for cancer related symptoms it addressed many other physical problems I'd had for a very long time: migraine headaches, severe GERD, asthma, and fibromyalgia. All responded well to the treatments.

After a few years I found myself in the best health I'd been in for 10+ years.

Then 8 and 1/2 yrs out, once again I was diagnosed with cancer. This time it was treated with a mastectomy and chemotherapy. I went through both quite well. This I attribute to my ongoing acupuncture treatments.

I've certainly learned a lot about how my body works. I'm fortunate to have an acupuncturist who teaches as he treats.

To me, cancer was like a massive storm in my life. I couldn't get under it, above it, or around it. I simply had to go through it.

As I look back I can honestly say cancer was a blessing in the face of a storm. Had I not had it, I may never have gone to an acupuncturist. So many of my physical and emotional issues have responded positively to this form of treatment. I am confident I'll be back to my more healthy self before long.

I am continuing acupuncture on a regular basis and would recommend this form of treatment to others. My experience has been nothing but positive.

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