A Healing System Where Energetic Medicine
& Modern Physics Meet

by Lisa Hanfileti, LAc © 2009

Admittedly, I laughed when I first read about colorpuncture (also spelled colourpuncture). The idea that a simple flashlight-like instrument emitting colored light could have powerful healing effects when systematically applied to specific points on the skin seemed incomprehensible to me. Then I started thinking about what we already know about the healing and energetic properties of colored light.

Colorpuncture: Healing with Colored Light

Modern science has confirmed that each color has its own particular wavelength and frequency, creating a subtle (at least to our sensory system) vibration.

Contemporary physics proposes that the particles which make up light (called photons) are the building blocks of all matter (including people!) in the universe, and it is simply the speed and wave patterns which distinguish color as well as objects.

Historical records of the Greeks and Egyptians clearly show they utilized the spectral components (i.e. colors) of sunlight for healing, even putting people in rooms bathed in certain colors to treat individual diseases.

There is a rich history throughout Europe, Asia, and India of healing with colored light. In 1903 the Danish physician, Niels Finsen won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his research on light, color, and disease. He was able to heal smallpox lesions and variola using red and infrared light, and he was the first person to successfully treat skin tuberculosis with ultraviolet light.

Even with the advent of the “modern era of medicine”, which is characterized by the discovery of vaccines, antibiotics, and a prescription drug targeted to each malady, the powerful healing effects of light are quietly included.

Modern medicine has been successfully using light technology for decades. For instance, “Bili-Lamps” are standard pieces of medical equipment in any hospital nursery. A jaundiced newborn (indicating an under-functioning liver) is placed under this ultraviolet lamp to stimulate the break down of excess bilirubin. These babies have their eyes covered, making it clear that the action of the light is through the photoreceptors in the skin, not the eyes.

Most us have heard of LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) technologies for use in everything from eye surgery to heart transplants. LED (Light Emitting Diodes, which are actually “cold” or “soft” lasers) are currently applied for stimulation of cellular healing and biophysical stimulation in such fields as neurology, physiotherapy, dentistry, dermatology, and acupuncture.

In fact, the state of Washington includes under the scope of practice for acupuncturists, the use of light therapy or “laser puncture”.

Esogetic Colorpuncture™

Using Light Instead of Needles

Esogetic Colorpuncture™ is a form of light therapy developed by a German naturopathic physician and acupuncturist named Peter Mandel. He developed a detailed model for diagnosis and treatment with the aid of a Kirlian camera (see photo below) specifically calibrated to capture on photographic paper the energy emission of each patient’s hands and feet before and after treatments.

In his book, Energy Emission Analysis: New Application of Kirlian Photography for Holistic Health (1983), Mandel mapped out the hand / foot topography of virtually all organ systems, many of which correlated with the acupuncture meridians.

Often desperate patients came to Mandel as a last resort, only after exhausting all options given by their doctors. Based on his study of over 800,000 photos, Mandel was able to develop a systematic method which allowed him to effectively evaluate and treat difficult disease states.

This technology gave Mandel an objective assessment of pre & post treatment status. The enthusiastic report from a patient that he or she felt better was not enough for Mandel because he was interested in treating the root cause of illness, not simply the temporary symptoms which emerged as a result of the underlying imbalances.

What Peter Mandel discovered is what modern science is reluctantly having to admit, that the Mind affects the Body.

Dr. Mandel realized that on the psychological level, disease enters the physical system when there is past unresolved trauma, conflict, or a ‘mis-aligned’ belief pattern. These can “tie up” the energetic system over time creating pain, weakness, stagnation, or degeneration of body systems.

Colorpuncture is a gentle and effective way to restore the body’s natural functions by unwinding these blockages, creating conscious awareness of self-limiting beliefs or self-destructive behaviors.

Colored light, each associated with its own wavelength and photon intensity, provides the “information” to stimulate and tonify (with the yang colors, red, orange, & yellow), or to sedate and disperse (with the yin colors, green, blue, & violet).

Each color has a specific physiological, emotional, and mental effect on a particular organ system in the body. This is an ancient concept in Chinese medicine as demonstrated by the Five Element association of each organ with a particular color.

Energy Emission Analysis of 3 Fingers by Kirlian Photography

The picture above shows the energy emission of the index fingers of three different individuals.

ONE: The ring of energy emission on the left shows obvious gaps in the emission indicating stress on the ability of the endocrine (hormonal) system of the body to communicate with itself and other systems.

TWO: The energy emission from the finger in the middle shows “blobs” characteristic of the lymphatic (immune) system focused in a particular area (perhaps fighting an infection).

THREE: And energy around the finger on the right shows stagnation of energy flow, indicating a chronic condition where cellular communication needs to be reestablished.

The fact that shining a few colored lights for about 30 seconds on a series of acupuncture points can reestablish connections in the endocrine system, immune system, or even deep cellular systems always amazes me.

But the photos SHOW the effects that the colored lights have on the energy system.

In my holistic health care practice I often combine acupuncture with Colorpuncture.

The kirlian photos below show the energy emission of an adult before and after treatment with acupuncture and color. The fingers in the BEFORE photo show many gaps indicating the hormonal system is under stress and imbalanced.

The feet show areas of stagnation, to the degree that a few of the toes are “closing up”, particularly noticeable on the left foot.

In this case, I used acupuncture to help clear the stagnation, followed by Colorpuncture to help reestablish communication within the hormonal system.

Kirlia n Photos of Hands and Feet Before and After Colorpuncture Treatment

After the treatment, the person reported feeling much better. The AFTER photo shows the equilibration of the energy systems; the gaps in the fingers are no longer present and the toes that were stagnant, have opened to allow energy to flow freely.

Although I am always pleased when people report feeling better after a treatment, I am glad to have the photos as an additional assessment simply to “see for myself” the specific energetic changes. As a practitioner, these photos, along with my training in traditional Chinese medical diagnosis, help me in determining effective treatments over time.

For patients it is an opportunity to literally see how incredibly wise their system is to translate a little colored light into healing information.

As a pediatrician, Peter has seen that children are particularly quick to respond to Colorpuncture treatments levitra sin receta (and are more than happy to have an effective therapy that does not include needles!)

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