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Selfcare Measures for You and Your Family

selfcarethumbWhat does self care mean? From our perspective, self care means anything that you are able to do at home, on your own for the benefit of you and your family’s health. There are numerous ways to self treat and the more you learn, the better prepared and more confident you will be taking care of yourselves.

We often spend a good amount of time in our clinical practice discussing such things as stress management techniques or ways of communicating to help out in your relationships and the like. These are very important topics for you to focus on and develop skills in, as the efficiency or our combined efforts working with you are always enhanced when we are on the same page.

Just a quick note about home care measures. It is common for people to think about products like herbs and supplements when we mention self care measures, but we are also including such things as a positive mental attitude, family support and encouraging relationships, family pets, decreasing or minimizing environmental stressors, etc. We believe it only makes sense to try and diminish stresses, detoxify your body, and provide yourself with top notch food, water, and supplements when necessary.

Using daily efforts at home to enhance the effects of treatments provided to you in our office seems to be the most beneficial win win strategy.

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